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About Us | MVP Seal Coating Construction - Sacramento, CA

Located in Sacramento, CA, MVP Seal Coating Construction is a construction company offering asphalt, paving, and sealcoating services. We are “MVP! Give Us a Shot!” We have owned the business for 5 years and have even more years of experience working as pavers. We provide patching, filling, drainage, and the removal and repair of asphalt and concrete.

Our asphalt services focus on installing, repairing, and removing asphalt from streets, driveways, and parking lots. Cracks and large chunks of removable asphalt indicate that the surface must be repaired or torn up and reinstalled to ensure proper longevity and function. Asphalt surfaces with potholes must also be fixed, as they are dangerous for cars and pedestrians.

Paving services focus on the paving of lots, driveways, and streets using concrete and asphalt. For driveways, concrete pavers and asphalt pavers are both affordable and also have a high quality look to them. Streets, parking lots, and sidewalks will also benefit from asphalt and concrete paving, since both materials provide longevity and durability.

Sealcoating services protect your asphalt and concrete surfaces in the cold seasons, preventing moisture from sinking in to the base material of your streets or driveways. Additionally, the black surface they provide is practical for the application of lines marking parking spaces and lane dividers.

Call MVP Seal Coating Construction when you need asphalt and paving services in Sacramento, CA. We look forward to hearing from you.

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