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Fall, winter, and spring seasons bring rain. Rain is refreshing, but to streets and other traffic surfaces that have not been seal coated properly, it is a nightmare. MVP Seal Coating Construction provides the city of Sacramento, CA with affordable and effective sealcoating services to combat torrential downpours and to keep roadways from falling apart.

Sealcoating services provide many benefits to streets and driveways:

• Sealing—As the name suggests, seals cracks and prevent them from growing. Sealcoating keeps water from seeping down into the base material. Also, the black color of new sealcoat improves the overall appearance of asphalt, giving streets and driveways a brand new appearance.

• Preservation–It preserves the overall resilience of high traffic surfaces. It hides small cracks, patches, and other rough areas, making traffic lines and parking spaces increasingly visible. Our services can make your driveways look cleaner as well, since rain washes away dirt and debris from smooth, non-porous surfaces.

• Sunscreen for Streets—It helps to protect asphalt surfaces from the sun and the effects of chemical spills. The sealcoat fills any surface voids, helping to reduce exposure to oxygen and UV rays.

• Affordability—Our services are also very affordable. Sealcoat costs pennies per square foot in comparison to the dollars that are needed to repair or replace asphalt.

• Smooth Surfaces—When sealcoating is applied correctly, it leaves a clean, smooth surface that is ideal for sweeping.

For expert services in Sacramento, CA, get in touch with MVP Seal Coating Construction.

We look forward to making your asphalt look new again.

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